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I have been asked what my qualifications are to seek the office of Sheriff. 

It all started back with my grandfather, uncles, and brother being in law enforcement. Living with a heavy law enforcement family intrigued my interest, so I attended and graduated from the Mineral Area Law Enforcement Academy in 1997.

Since graduating, I've spent over 20 years in law enforcement. The last 14 plus years with the Ste. Genevieve Police Department as the Assistant Chief of Police and then promoted to Chief of Police. Throughout my police career, I have also worked as a deputy for St. Francois County in the jail, as well as a patrolman and later a detective with Bonne Terre Police Department.

To date, outside of the required yearly police trainings, I have attended hundreds of hours of training and conferences in the following highlighted areas: 

⦁ Internal Affairs Investigations
⦁ Officer Discipline/Termination
⦁ Front Line Supervisor Training
⦁ Police Administration 
⦁ Narcotics Investigations
⦁ Death Investigations
⦁ Crime Scene Processing
⦁ Human Trafficking
⦁ Mid Management Leadership including Techniques
⦁ Citizen Complaints and Managing Generational Differences
(There are numerous other areas of training and conferences I have attended. I'm willing to share upon request)

In my police career, I have led my team and produced a strong track record of success. I have the needed qualifications to be the next Sheriff of St. Francois County. Below are some of my qualifications:

⦁ For the last 14 plus years, I have written and or helped write our entire police department budgets and monitored spending. (Never once going over budget)
⦁ Help of Finding and Writing Grants 
⦁ I have written and implemented our department's current policy and procedure manual.
⦁ Hiring of all police personnel
⦁ Developed a recruitment and retention program for our department. 
⦁ Process all Sunshine request.
⦁ Comply with MIBRS and Use of Force Reporting with the state.
⦁ Provide weekly reports to the media and monthly reports to our board of aldermen.
⦁ Internal Affairs
⦁ Final approval of all officer incident reports.
⦁ Investigated and Solved hundreds of cases including but not limited to felony stealing, burglaries, homicide, rape, and child victim cases.  

Not only do I have leadership skills in law enforcement, I have also had the opportunity to expand my skills in the private sector, along with being a small business owner.
Overall, I have supervised and managed personnel for over 20 years. I hold my personnel accountable by setting clear expectations through use of policies and procedures and trainings. Unlike others that may run, I have signed both sides of a paycheck.

I am a determined leader who believes in leading by example with a proactive approach and continuously work hard for my officers and the community. 

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